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How did Gingerfit Start?

My pal Slash came back from Norway in 1988, looking like he had three jumpers on!
Scandinavian girls, very little daylight and a rusty set of dumbbells can do that to a bloke.

He says; “Come down to the gym and see if your body actually works”
I say; “You must be joking, they’re full of boxers ‘n nightclub bouncers!”

Start training; all shapes and sizes, every walk of life, all united by shared ambition. Even the boxers and nightclub bouncers amble in and rebound out fulla beans.

Body changes, mind gets sharper, wake up fresher, and don’t mind wearing a vest!

What happens if you eat this? What happens if you don’t eat that?
When do you eat it and how much and what effect does it have?
How long do you have to do it for? How long can you do it for?

Ten years of mountain bikes, barbells, dip bars, dumbbells, hack squats, golf balls, more golf balls, metal woods, handicap of thirteen, hanging leg raises, crunches and lovely girls teaching aerobics.

Got a lovely Lewes girl for myself, along came a baby boy – not ginger!

A picture of a man building a wooden wigwam

Bang! Terrible car crash in 1998; shattered left knee, fractured lower lumber vertebra, ruptured spleen, multiple injuries. No gym, no golf, no lovely girls.

Hospitals, physios, knee may never bend, strong abs saved my spleen, nine months of shuffling around, had to rehab myself, built the Gingerfit gym.
Worked it and worked it and worked it, got strength and flexion back in the knee.
Back strong, back to life, back to golf - handicap of six,
Along came a baby girl – also not ginger!

18 years experience, been through all the pitfalls myself.
Inspired by my struggle, to help others through theirs.
Made 'em laugh – revelation – it’s not a chore, they all really enjoyed it!
Do it properly, yearn for greater knowledge, fascinated by every detail.

Qualification as a personal trainer, on to GP exercise referral, then Cardiac Rehabilitation, showed my commitment to help just about anybody.  

Gingerfit - conceived through determination and focused on helping the widest range of people and offering a premier service to all our clients.

Taking one to one personal coaching to the next level.

Get stuck in at Gingerfit!