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Fitness Programs and Individual Packages

We at Gingerfit have courses to suit everyone from beginer to pro, from special needs Cardiac Rehabilation to all ages. Initial Consultation is Free so why not see what we can do for you!

Standard Fees

Well, there are no standard fees or session lengths!

We'll guide you on the most enjoyable and efficient way for you to achieve your goals.

You can train at our private gym or anywhere you like.

Give us a call for an individual quote.

Group Health and Fitness Walks:

Fun walks through the forest, in a park, across the downs or along the beach.

We can arrange air-conditioned transport (for up to 5 people).
Larger groups can be catered for, with participants providing their own transport.

Contact us for an individual quote.

Total Focus Training 24/7:
  • Performers needing to stay in shape on tour.
  • Intensive supervision and training, focused to a fixed deadline
  • To achieve a particular body shape, for example an actor preparing for a specific film role.
  • Sportsmen competing abroad.
  • To master extreme weight management problems.
  • Clients not wanting to interrupt training and improvement while on holiday.

Trainer travels to any location with the client, so that fitness program intensity, motivation and encouragement can continue uninterrupted. The chosen trainer will be accommodated near the client so that the health and fitness goals can be achieved as quickly as possible.
Your trainer is available 24 hours, seven days a week.

Fitness Assessment Tests:

Submaximal Aerobic test, Blood Pressure, Waist to hip ratio, BMI, Body Fat Percentage,
Flexibility (sit and reach), Postural Endurance (sit up test), Heart Rate Recovery (step test)
Press up test.


Courses tailored for the special needs of cardiac rehabilation as well as GP Referrals to amend your specific area. Larger groups can be catered for – contact us for an individual quote.

Email or Postal Programme:

A full individual, six week fitness programme is written from starting point to potential goal achievement.
Initial consultation, advice and periodical telephone or Email consultations are included.

Group Circuit Training:
  • Tailored to your specific requests.
  • Including: General, sports specific, special populations and cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Individual quotes available, dependant on individual requirements.

Sport Club Consultancy:

  • Tailored to your specific requests.
  • Including: Advice and aerobic/weight training sessions-specifically aimed at your sport.
  • Individual quotes available, dependant on individual requirements.