Welcome to Gingerfit

Privacy in our Private Gym

How about training in private, away from embarrassing onlookers?
Perhaps you would prefer no one to know you are trying to change your shape, then surprise your friends and family with the new you!  
You would have your qualified personal coach’s undivided attention, making sure your every move is safe and totally effective, writing an individual workout for you that focuses on your goals, fitness level and personal preferences.
There would be no waiting for machines to become available, you work at your own pace and workout to the music you like and that inspires you, played at a volume you prefer, or you can have no music on at all, the choice is yours.
In our gym you don’t have to deal with large-muscled, small minded individuals who don’t share your taste in music, hygiene, or fragrances!

An Image of the Gingerfit Gym