Welcome to Gingerfit

Sports Specific Personal Training

Fun recreation: We can help you enjoy your chosen activity far more, by targeting the muscles and moves employed in your hobby. It’s more fun if you can improve and be less tired as well!

Serious recreation: We devise special programmes to help specifically with your chosen sport.
You may be a golfer wanting to seriously reduce your handicap. We can help you feel less tired during and after the round, helping you to make much sharper decisions during play, reducing your score.
You may be a marathon runner or tri-athlete trying to increase your strength and reduce your event times.
We can help take you to the next level and beyond. Your only limits could be your level of dedication!

Professional: We analyse your training schedule and programme, we also look carefully at your nutrition and active rest periods, looking for ways to get the edge on your opponents and reach your true potential.
We want to help you to perform well and win!

A sportsman watching the prize giving