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Personal Fitness Testimonials

I first met Mark at Cheaters Gym in 1992 when he was training there. He helped me enormously, giving great advice and was always very encouraging.
I’ve played football for most of my life, but l was getting slower and more injured as the years passed. The rest of the lads put it down to my age, after all I had just turned 35.
I contacted Gingerfit and Mark was very confident he could put a new spring in my step.
He put me on a program that consisted of weight training , flexibility and fitness exercises. We had a great laugh and sure enough after a few weeks I felt quite a bit stronger and definitely fitter.
That was two months ago, now I feel great, I haven’t been injured since I started at Gingerfit and have scored five goals, not bad for a left back!

Cheers Mark. Roll on next season!!!

Grant - Eastbourne

I was really quite used to having a personal trainer. Living and working in London it was the norm in my circle of friends. Actually I think I only had my trainer to change my weights and chat about music!
I moved to Brighton and thought I may as well find a trainer, more out of habit than anything else.
Gingerfit came highly recommended. Well what a change!
Mark was completely different; fresh, funny, friendly and extremely effective.
Instead of going through the motions, I was participating in exhilarating workouts that were so much fun the time just flew by, leaving me fizzing and energised.
When I last visited my old friends in London, everybody commented on my new svelte figure and the healthy sparkle in my eyes.
Well, my jealous friends now want Gingerfit’s number, but I may just keep it to myself!!!

Eleanor - Seaford

I thought I was fit when I first contacted Gingerfit, I had been bodybuilding for five years, packing on a lot of muscle and felt pretty good. I really just needed a little help with my cardio vascular work, or so I thought.
Mark had so many great ideas changing my training routines and completely           re-vamped my nutrition.
I now have so much more muscle definition, flexibility and energy.
I realise now I still had a lot to learn.

Greg - Lewes

My baby was 6 months old and I was having such a problem losing the extra weight I had put on whilst pregnant. I just could not understand it, I was busy dashing around all day with my new baby and did not realise what I was eating until Mark at Gingerfit suggested a food diary. I began to write it all down, everything I was eating from the moment I got up, to going to bed.
What a revelation! I had been picking at the wrong food without even realising what I was doing.
Mark soon had me under his wing and on the road to losing all the extra weight I had gained.
I looked forward to our workouts together as they were proving to be so productive. I am almost back to my pre-baby weight, and I feel great, and the compliments I am receiving make me feel even better and confirm Mark’s faith in me.
A big thank you to Gingerfit.

Diane - Hove

Several months ago I had a total knee replacement due to osteoarthritis.
I came out of hospital after two weeks, straight into the care of Gingerfit.
I was told I would be on crutches for several weeks and then a stick, but to my delight I was encouraged by my trainer to go into the gym right away and do some very gentle but firm exercises under Mark’s encouraging supervision and guidance.
Within three weeks I was walking normally, I never got to use the crutches or the stick, and I am told by my surgeon that I have attained maximum flexibility back in my knee.
My nutrition was looked at very carefully as I had slipped into eating convenience food and I am happy to say that up to now I have dropped two dress sizes and have lost nearly one and a half stones.
I could never have done all this on my own without the help and support from Mark at Gingerfit.
Losing the weight as has helped my knees and I am now wonderfully pain free.

Carol - Newhaven

I am a hairdresser and stand on my feet for much of the day when I work. I had developed a pain in my lower back and lumber region; it really was starting to get me down.
My GP and physiotherapist did all they could, but didn’t cure it. My friend recommended Mark at Gingerfit, and he agreed to take me on. We worked in the gym and I was given special exercises to do at home, Mark told me these were to address any muscular imbalances I may have had.
My diet was carefully monitored and Mark added fitness work on the treadmill and exercise bike. I must say the weight I have lost has made me feel so much fitter and healthier.
Gingerfit’s advice and help has been invaluable and I am so grateful to Mark for his patience and encouragement, I can work again and not be in pain.
What a difference!

Shirley - Ripe