Welcome to Gingerfit

Why Personal Fitness Training?

  • You want to get fitter and healthier and be completely looked after, by a mature, fully qualified professional, using the latest techniques, in the safest and most effective way possible.
  • You don’t like the idea of joining a public gym or health club, but would like the choice of exercising in different environments, with the personal attention and guidance of an experienced professional – we will train you at a venue of your choice, or our own private gymnasium.
  • You’re not getting the results you deserve, from working on your own in the gym - Let us maximize your time and radically transform your progress. You simply can’t approach the level of results achievable with a personal trainer by training on your own, no matter how many hours you invest, or how hard you work!
  • You may have, or have had a cardiac related problem and would like to maximize your recovery and minimize the chance of a future cardiac event.
  • You have a weight management problem and need motivation, encouragement and a professional plan to guide you safely and effectively to your goal.
  • You have a medical condition that affects your mobility or daily life - we are fully qualified to assess and help you improve your situation.
  • You just want to become more active and need professional help – we have plenty of alternatives to keep you interested.
    Look at exercise as a way of releasing tension, not as a chore. Being active is such a great way to recharge your body!
  • You could be an Athlete or sportsman – We offer; event specific coaching, technique analysis, injury prevention and rehabilitation programmes, motivation and commitment to goal achievement.
  • You’re getting married and want to look your best on your special day – we can help you individually or as a couple.
  • You are a Body Builder – we have vast experience in specific target training
  • You may be Pregnant or post natal – A well crafted exercise programme can contribute to;
    Easier labour/more energy to deliver baby, improved circulation increased well being and accelerated post natal recovery.
  • Dancer/Performers: You may be a dancer, who wants to increase joint stability and improve aerobic fitness. This helps to prevent injuries and enables you to execute your routines with more precision and less fatigue.
  • Are you an actor needing to get into specific shape for a theatrical or film role? A tight schedule is not a problem, as we can be on call 24/7 to work as intensively as you like, to get the result you need.
    You may be about to go on tour and need to be fitter and stronger to cope with the demands of travelling and performing. Plus we give nutrition advice, on the most beneficial foods to eat for health and energy on the road.
  • Do you feel you’re in a bit of a muddle? You can’t get a grip on your weight or stick to an exercise routine?  You may feel you’re running around in circles? – We offer Lifestyle Assessment, to get you back on track and help you regain control of your life!
  • Quitting Smoking – We offer; coping strategies, encouragement, hand and mouth distraction ideas and nutrition guides to prevent weight gain.  Also exercise programmes and coaching, to maximise health benefits from quitting.
  • Are you going on holiday and want to look great on the beach? – We have some fabulous, fun workouts designed for pre holiday, so you look toned, in all the right places!